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Sunday January 03, 2010

Welcome everyone to my new website done by TattooNow. They did a great job! 2010 is here and its looking to be a great year here at Oddity Tattoo in Sarasota, FL. I am now exclusively working by appointment only and am accepting appointments for custom tattoos only. Due to an increased demand i can no longer do every tattoo that I am asked to do so that I may concentrate on my own art and have more time to paint and do other things. If you want a tattoo and it is not my style please check out the other artist at Oddity (www.odditytattoo.com) there are 6 other artists besides myself and theyre all extremely talented at what they do. Also this year I am going to do a small amount of traveling. I will be doing a couple guest spots and a convention or two. I will announce when are where I am going to be as soon as dates are confirmed. please contact me for any reason. I respond to every email and am very thankful to the people who trust me to permanently mark their body also I can be commissioned for paintings and other artwork. this can be worked around a budget if necessary but my allowance for painting depends on my availability. Thanks again and I hope everyone enjoys the new website as much as I do

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